[KDE/Mac] kde-mac Digest, Vol 76, Issue 7

Jonathan Schultz jonathan at imatix.com
Sun Apr 10 00:44:28 UTC 2016

> Thanks, that was another oversight on my end. (If a port provides a
> -devel subport it is usually that one I have installed)

What exactly is the difference between the basic port and the -devel 
subport? Should I be trying to install the kf5-okular-devel subport 
rather than just kf5-okular?

>> 3. I saw some issues with pango - error messages seemed to
>> complain about the installed version being too old. But I also
>> failed to
> Any idea who posted that message?

OK so while installing gtk3 (I have no idea why it tries to install 
gtk3!) I see:

> :info:configure configure: error: Package requirements (glib-2.0 >= 2.45.8    atk >= 2.15.1    pango >= 1.37.3    cairo >= 1.14.0    cairo-gobject >= 1.14.0    gdk-pixbuf-2.0 >= 2.30.0) were not met:
> :info:configure
> :info:configure Requested 'pango >= 1.37.3' but version of Pango is 1.36.8

>> and @1.40.0 are both available, I cannot install version @1.40.0.
>> That is, if I type 'sudo port install pango at 1.40.0' it simply
>> sticks with the currently installed version. Indeed it doesn't seem
>> to matter which version I specify in the 'port install', which
>> would appear to be a bug in MacPorts.
> Hmmm, I'll have some more updating to do apparently :) This is not a
> bug. `Port search` searches through *all* indexed ports, and shows
> all (different) versions. In this case it means that the official
> port is 2 minor versions ahead of mine.

How does this work? Is not version @1.40.0 clearly more recent than 
@1.36.8_1? And as for transparently ignoring an explicit request to 
install a particular version, I don't know what to make of it. Surely at 
least a warning that for whatever reason it cannot install the version I 
requested is called for?

>> 4. Finally I came across a problem that I'm hoping you or someone
>> else will know better than I how to resolve. When installing
>> kdelibs4 I get:
> Do you need kdelibs4?

I have no idea. I didn't it to build okular for either Linux or Windows 
so it's not clear why it should be needed under OSX. Does this help you 
at all:

> mavericks-clone:~ jschultz$ sudo port -v -y install kf5-okular
> --->  Computing dependencies for kf5-okular..Using the mainstream/official Qt4 portgroup
> .........................
> --->  Dependencies to be installed: mobipocket kdelibs4 poppler-qt5-mac git p5.22-authen-sasl p5.22-digest-hmac p5.22-digest-sha1 p5.22-gssapi p5.22-cgi p5.22-html-parser p5.22-html-tagset p5.22-error p5.22-net-smtp-ssl p5.22-io-socket-ssl p5.22-net-libidn p5.22-net-ssleay p5.22-test-exception p5.22-sub-uplevel p5.22-test-simple p5.22-test-nowarnings p5.22-test-warn p5.22-term-readkey rsync poppler poppler-data qca-qt5
> For kdelibs4: skipping org.macports.main (dry run)
>     .. and skipping org.macports.archivefetch
>     .. and skipping org.macports.fetch
>     .. and skipping org.macports.checksum
>     .. and skipping org.macports.extract
>     .. and skipping org.macports.patch
>     .. and skipping org.macports.configure
>     .. and skipping org.macports.build
>     .. and skipping org.macports.destroot
>     .. and skipping org.macports.install
>     .. and skipping org.macports.activate
>     .. and skipping org.macports.main
>     .. and skipping org.macports.clean

> %> fgrep grantlee_core -R /opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee

I have no such file, but I do find a file 

> May I presume that you installed grantlee from my port tree? If not,
> I'd advise reinstalling the port, making sure it's mine that you
> get.

Sorry to be such a noob but don't know how to determine this. I can 
confirm with 'port info' that I have installed version 0.5.1 but other 
than that I can't see how to check whether it comes from your port tree 
or another source.

Many thanks as always.


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