[KDE/Mac] kde-mac Digest, Vol 76, Issue 7

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 11:08:34 UTC 2016

On Saturday April 09 2016 08:47:00 Jonathan Schultz wrote:

>> BTW, if you plan to use a lot of X11 apps and care about text
>> rendering quality, check out the variants I added to the freetype,
>> fontconfig and cairo ports!
>I'll certainly take a look at this when I get a chance.

Interestingly, Qt 5.6/Mac added the possibility to use Freetype for font rendering. The jury is still out on whether that gives the expected results (esp. without use of fontconfig).

>As far as I can see it's just a matter of sticking to a simple progress 
>display, which I guess MacPorts must be doing because this error only 
>came up once.

I should have looked at MacPorts' own fetching procedures before rolling my own. It turns out there's a `curl` primitive in one of the Tcl extension libraries, which provides the appropriate progress display.

>1. The /opt/local/site-ports/kde/ECM/Portfile seemed to have incorrect 
>checksums on lines 30 and 31. Or more likely the checksums correspond to 
>a different version of the source package.

Thanks, that was another oversight on my end. (If a port provides a -devel subport it is usually that one I have installed)

>2. For some reason the kf5-oxygen-icons Portfiles fails to find the 
>package tarball. I downloaded it manually from: 

That's sadly not the 1st time something changes place. It's handled now (you'll be able to do a `port upgrade kf5-oxygen-icons` after refreshing the tree and running portindex).

>3. I saw some issues with pango - error messages seemed to complain 
>about the installed version being too old. But I also failed to 

Any idea who posted that message?

>and @1.40.0 are both available, I cannot install version @1.40.0. That 
>is, if I type 'sudo port install pango at 1.40.0' it simply sticks with the 
>currently installed version. Indeed it doesn't seem to matter which 
>version I specify in the 'port install', which would appear to be a bug 
>in MacPorts.

Hmmm, I'll have some more updating to do apparently :) This is not a bug. `Port search` searches through *all* indexed ports, and shows all (different) versions. In this case it means that the official port is 2 minor versions ahead of mine.

>4. Finally I came across a problem that I'm hoping you or someone else 
>will know better than I how to resolve. When installing kdelibs4 I get:

Do you need kdelibs4?

>> :info:configure   The imported target "grantlee_core" references the file
>> :info:configure
>> :info:configure      "/opt/local/lib/lib/libgrantlee_core.0.5.1.dylib"
>> :info:configure
>> :info:configure   but this file does not exist.  Possible reasons include:
>Note the repeated '/lib'  - the file 
>'/opt/local/lib/libgrantlee_core.0.5.1.dylib' does exist.

I just rebuilt all of kdelibs4 yesterday, after upgrading the port to the latest upstream kdelibs version. I didn't get this error. If you get the same output for the below command, something must be off with _IMPORT_PREFIX variable in your build:

%> fgrep grantlee_core -R /opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee
/opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee/GrantleeConfig.cmake:set(Grantlee_TEMPLATES_LIBRARY grantlee_core)
/opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee/GrantleeTargets-macports.cmake:# Import target "grantlee_core" for configuration "MacPorts"
/opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee/GrantleeTargets-macports.cmake:set_property(TARGET grantlee_core APPEND PROPERTY IMPORTED_CONFIGURATIONS MACPORTS)
/opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee/GrantleeTargets-macports.cmake:set_target_properties(grantlee_core PROPERTIES
/opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee/GrantleeTargets-macports.cmake:  IMPORTED_LOCATION_MACPORTS "${_IMPORT_PREFIX}/lib/libgrantlee_core.0.5.1.dylib"
/opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee/GrantleeTargets-macports.cmake:  IMPORTED_SONAME_MACPORTS "/opt/local/lib/libgrantlee_core.0.dylib"
/opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee/GrantleeTargets-macports.cmake:list(APPEND _IMPORT_CHECK_TARGETS grantlee_core )
/opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee/GrantleeTargets-macports.cmake:list(APPEND _IMPORT_CHECK_FILES_FOR_grantlee_core "${_IMPORT_PREFIX}/lib/libgrantlee_core.0.5.1.dylib" )
/opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee/GrantleeTargets.cmake:foreach(_expectedTarget grantlee_core grantlee_loadertags grantlee_defaulttags grantlee_defaultfilters grantlee_i18ntags grantlee_gui)
/opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee/GrantleeTargets.cmake:# Create imported target grantlee_core
/opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee/GrantleeTargets.cmake:add_library(grantlee_core SHARED IMPORTED)
/opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee/GrantleeTargets.cmake:set_target_properties(grantlee_core PROPERTIES
/opt/local/lib/cmake/grantlee/GrantleeUse.cmake:    grantlee_core

May I presume that you installed grantlee from my port tree? If not, I'd advise reinstalling the port, making sure it's mine that you get.

I can send you a configure log for kdelibs4 if you think that helps.

>I have my router set to only do WOL on an explicit request rather than 
>automatically on connect requests. That seems to work OK most of the 

Hmm, I was going to say that the requests were on the LAN (= behind the modem/router) in my case, but it's true that my Mac is connected via a Time Capsule which is also a router of course. If ever I need WOL I'll have to see if there are configuration options for it on the TimeCapsule.


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