[KDE/Mac] KF5 on OSX

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 20:30:21 UTC 2015

On Wednesday September 23 2015 20:34:17 Marko Käning wrote:


>well, I had named it like that to be consistent in the naming scheme wrt KDE, since
? The KDE4 ports don't use such a scheme, it's port:kdelibs4 and not port:kde4-kdelibs, etc ...

>"kf5-“ is only needed for MacPorts, while everything following that is the naming as
>present in KDE’s build metadata.

Hmm, in line with the above we could also opt for just the standard name, at least for those "ports" where kf5 is in the official name. Others could just have a 5 appended - Kate5, KDevelop5, etc. I'm not sure if we really need to be very rigid about this.

>As I haven’t heard any complaints so far from you, I figure that the variables are 
>sufficiently well documented. I hope. :)

Keep hoping, as it turns out I have gotten side-tracked and at-trac-ted :) by other things so I haven't even fetched your files yet!
And as I said in another mail, the feedback I've had in the thread I started on kf5-frameworks haven't really improved my motivation to start ...


PS: what's really affected is my motivation to help improve KF5 instead of just developing patches for MacPorts (or just myself) ...

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