[KDE/Mac] QSP patch back to gerrit?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 14:37:06 UTC 2015

On Sunday March 15 2015 12:56:58 Marko Käning wrote:

> I have also used KDE’s Gerrit twice and it allows to have your own branches from where you commit your patches.
> The nice thing with Gerrit is that it keeps your repository tied to the patches you commit (using the mentioned Commit-Id)
> and thus Gerrit knows precisely which patch is based on which revision in the central repository you’re referring to.

I think it obliges you to do that. That may be the more proper/cleaner way when you're doing serious development on code, but for casual use I find it very cumbersome - and I'm not planning to start contributing regularly to Qt so I have little to no motivation to start learning how to manhandle gerrit (nor to learn advanced git use just to use gerrit). Especially the fact that you have to commit your changes before being able to submit a patch. KDE's RB simply accepts a patch against the current head (or any known commit, really), so there's no need to rebase, roll back or whatever when you modify your patch, or (worse) when you have multiple unrelated patch that affect a shared subset of files. I really don't see how you can manage multiple review requests like that without setting up dedicated branches for each. KDE's RB also accepts patches through simple upload. Sadly it appears that the Qt "category" on reviewboard.kde.org is still tracking Qt 4 ...

> I am sure there is something similar available to Qt’s Gerrit, which will surely look different in the “Getting Started” section
> w.r.t. the way they do authentication.

Yes, there's enough documentation, and I set up things correctly once. I promptly ended up with 2 tickets for the same change  (which may have been incorporated, it had to do with icons in the systray menu IIRC), and I also promptly forgot all about how things worked. Other than the impression of a "cannon used to kill a fly" as we say in the Netherlands...


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