[KDE/Mac] qt5-mac-devel -> KF5

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 00:56:27 UTC 2015

On Wednesday February 18 2015 11:25:36 Ian Wadham wrote:

> Thanks for the info about +concurrent.  It still looks rather complicated to
> me.

Not really more complicated than building Qt any other way ...

> I think you must have got hold of the wrong end of the stick.  I do not use the
> Unix environment variable QTDIR when *building* Qt and never have.

I got that. It's self-evident, even: QTDIR will be empty when installing from scratch so cannot be of much use during a build...

> Its importance to me is to point out the location of Qt libraries when developing,
> debugging or testing various versions of KDE 4 apps and libraries.  For example,

As said in the email I transferred, you can do that by making sure the correct qmake is called, or a cmake that finds the proper cmake files.
According to Thiago, QTDIR is no longer required since Qt 2.

> And, until now, I have been using MacPorts' current qt4-mac port, but I have to
> tell any build I do in KDE that Qt is in /opt/local, otherwise it will look in standard
> OS X places and will not find Qt.  Then my build of KDE libraries, or even of just a

Add /opt/local/bin to your path so that apps in it override the ones in /usr/bin, and you ought to be fine.

> has.  Then I would export something like QTDIR=/kdedevel/kf5/qt5.  But when we
> have qt4-mac and qt5-mac concurrently installed in MacPorts, I will need to point
> QTDIR to one or the other (in separate scripts), depending on whether I am
> working on a KDE 4 or KF 5 game, app or library today.

No. The cmake files will be written so that they find the Qt version that is required, or the best supported. The cmake files are even named so that there can be no confusion.


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