[KDE/Mac] Upgrade to 4.13.3 in Macports

Nicolas Pavillon nicos at macports.org
Sun Sep 14 12:08:12 UTC 2014


>> - KCrash and Dr. Konqi (https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/119497/ and	https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/119498/). There has been apparently quite some debate, and apparently, Ian, you are still working on a more elaborate solution for this problem, right? Therefore, should the present patches be used in the meantime, or are they not yet mature enough?
> I could give you some patches fairly soon that would at least ensure that KCrash
> and Dr Konqi will *run* on Apple OS X without themselves crashing.  At the worst,
> Dr K might disconnect from bugs.kde.org before the user can finish off and submit
> the complete bug report, but he/she can still save it and the backtrace report will
> be useful to MacPorts and KDE-Mac devs at least.
> Unfortunately, Bugzilla changed its software in July and no longer accepts cookies.
> I am working on some changes for Dr K to use the new security-checking regime.
In that case, I would gladly upgrade to 4.13 first, and then include them with others during an improvement revision later, as we did for 4.12. As for most of the other patches, it purely implies kdelibs4, so that putting them later would also not force a large rebuild of several ports.

I am also not necessarily pushing to commit the new version in emergency, so that we could also wait for polished patches before committing, always with the hope of not putting too much at a time. I forgot to mention it in my previous mail, but this is of course also valid for René’s patches. 



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