[KDE/Mac] A Catch 22 problem with committing

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Sep 1 20:30:41 UTC 2014

El Dilluns, 1 de setembre de 2014, a les 09:39:12, René J.V. Bertin va 
> On Monday September 01 2014, Ian Wadham wrote regarding "Re: A Catch 22
> problem with committing"
> >MacPorts is a kind of distro, except that it also has to "port" software,
> >to smooth out differences between Linux and Apple OS X.  And two of the
> >main MacPorts
> It's a bit like Gentoo Portage, or pkgsrc, but where does treat Mac OS X as
> just one of the supported OSes, MacPorts is Mac specific.
> >There are/were loads of other problems, here is a summary of some of the
> >worst ones.
> ...
> To add my little grain of salt to Ian's list: CMake itself has a bug in
> which shared modules are linked with an obsolete set of flags. That bit me
> when trying my hand at building Calligra git/master: it prevents modules
> marked as such from being used as regular shared libraries too. I submitted
> a patch to MacPorts trac AND to cmake ... it's been ignored until now.

Keep nagging, joing their mailing lists and irc channels.

> >KF 5 is out of reach for me until there is a test version we can install
> >and run on any Apple machine.  Marko is busting a gut over that, but I am
> >sure he could go a lot faster and with less stress if he could just get a
> >small amount of expert help.
> Same here, although I *am* beginning to ask myself why I wouldn't simply use
> Qt's own Qt5 installer to put it somewhere alongside MacPorts. BTW, Ian: I
> don't have the impression that KDE4 and KF5 are going to coexist on one
> Linux system. From what I understood, KDE4 applications running under KF5

"KDE4 applications running under KF5" makes no sense as a setence, KF5 is a 
set of libraries, it is not possible to have one application based on kdelibs4 
and KF5 at the same time.

If you mean "applications based on kdelibs4 running on Plasma 5", that's a 
total non-issue, think it as "applications based on kdelibs4 running on 
GnomeDesktop", they work right? So they will work on Plasma 5 too.

> will be using a backwards compatibility layer installed as part of KF5, not
> alongside. (Of course existing binaries could probably coexist on systems
> installed manually, if library names are chosen correctly, but that's not
> the point...)

That is exactly the point, all the library names are different, so an 
application based on kdelibs4 just uses its libraries.

I wonder where you get the idea of that "compatibility layer", because it's 
totally wrong.

> >P.S. I hear also that Dr Konqi has been moved into plasma-workspace on KF
> >5, which makes it somewhat inaccessible for builders on Windows, Apple and
> >Gnome
> Read: completely inaccessible (Aussies seem to have inherited good ole
> British understatement). plasma-workspace is tied to having X11, i.e. Qt
> built upon X11. And that's not possible any more on Mac.

If you need Dr Konqi and is in a place it is not accessible, just tell people 
responsible that you need it somewhere else. If you complain in kde-mac, 
you'll get just sadness in your own circle.


> R.

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