[KDE/Mac] A Catch 22 problem with committing

"Marko Käning" mk-lists at email.de
Mon Sep 1 12:14:49 UTC 2014

Hi René,

> >kauth and kwallet I can easily test and also commit, if tested successfully, including
> >test runs of kwallet! The latter is still problematic, as I need to fix the standard
> >paths issue.
> You mean running kwallettest?

yep, for instance that. As I have never inspected that framework any further I suspect that's
the only executable which can check the frameworks proper function, right?

> I'm not sure what the standards path issue is all about, but I don't think kwallet's OS X
> backend depends on it.

That could be, because the KDE Wallet application is probably going to use the kwallet
framework at some stage and only then that GUI will get hit by the paths issue.

> The only full paths my code sees either come from Apple's SecKeychain functions, or have
> been specified by the user. KWallet's own functions to retrieve the names of the local
> and network wallets return only that, the names, not the full paths.

OK, I see. Good. So, I'll see whether your patches apply cleanly and the test application
will run seamlessly without errors.


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