[KDE/Mac] Suggestion to set up a central MacPorts/KDE repository for easy exchange of MacPorts port files

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Sun May 11 09:16:12 UTC 2014

Hi Ian,

On 11 May 2014, at 06:24 , Ian Wadham <iandw.au at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yup!  But to be used with care … :-)  I find it quite scary that anyone who
> has access can modify anything anywhere in KDE software
yes, you are right.
Having to do a “git push” is always scary for me.
I am so used to Mercurials ease that I fear the trouble I always seem to have with git on push.
It’s easy to mess things up with git if you’re used to hg...

> Yes, that [1] is a desirable goal, if I can just get kdesrc-build to go … ;-)  That
> Zarboz guy must have hit it at a lucky time.

> It turns out that one at least needs some MacPorts patches to overcome KDE
> portability problems and so it might make sense to put some of them upstream.
I guess so.

> OTOH I can think of at least one case where MacPorts just decides to do things
> differently to KDE and, if that is a patch, it should *not* go upstream.
Yes, those things should be clearly stated.

Perhaps our new repo can act as a space to gather all this information among us.

> Perhaps these things will "all come out in the wash", as my accountant
> likes to say, when we have closer links to KDE CI, testing and releases.
That’s desirable, of course.


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