[KDE/Mac] Suggestion to set up a central MacPorts/KDE repository for easy exchange of MacPorts port files

Nicolas Pavillon nicos at macports.org
Sat May 10 04:17:30 UTC 2014


> what do you think about putting those files onto a public repository [1] 

I am not sure to see the advantage of doing that. I do not really expect these files to be worked on by several people so that a shared environment would be needed. Most of the work is then usually more involved in patches to the new code instead of Portfiles which are rather stable, so that I would tend to use the existing platforms (KDE bugs/Macports tickets) instead of creating a new one. 

> like I did it for your intermediate fix [2] for cmake a few weeks ago?

My opinion is a little bit the same with this one. I still consider that this issue was specific to certain systems and not general (but it would become general with MacPorts 2.3.0), so that having the patch on the ticket seemed sufficient to me. It also means that now the two places are now not in sync. A patch has already been committed to Macports to normally solve the issue, so that the information at https://bitbucket.org/mkae/macports-kde/wiki/Home is now outdated: the older patch linked over there would break, as an improved version has already been committed. This type of “double update” seems to imply more work to me. 



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