[KDE/Mac] Suggestion to set up a central MacPorts/KDE repository for easy exchange of MacPorts port files

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Sat May 10 09:14:39 UTC 2014

Hi Nicolas,

On 10 May 2014, at 06:17 , Nicolas Pavillon <nicos at macports.org> wrote:
>> what do you think about putting those files onto a public repository [1] 
> I am not sure to see the advantage of doing that.
OK, was just a suggestion.

> I do not really expect these files to be worked on by several people so that a shared environment would be needed.
You are of course right, because you can easily send the files to Ian who was
the only one asking for it. Well, I count myself as the second herewith asking. :)
With that on my mind I decided to start this thread, since I thought Brad might
be interested as well. See, there we’re four already. ;)

> Most of the work is then usually more involved in patches to the new code
> instead of Portfiles which are rather stable, so that I would tend to use the
> existing platforms (KDE bugs/Macports tickets) instead of creating a new one.
The MacPorts tree not only contains Portfiles, but carries also all currently
needed patches in the ‘files’ folder, which allows all e.g. Ian to profit from that
what you’re currently working on until it is actually available through KDE
itself once your feedback has been incorporated upstream.

> My opinion is a little bit the same with this one. I still consider that this issue
> was specific to certain systems and not general (but it would become general
> with MacPorts 2.3.0), so that having the patch on the ticket seemed sufficient
> to me. It also means that now the two places are now not in sync. A patch has
> already been committed to Macports to normally solve the issue, so that the
> information at https://bitbucket.org/mkae/macports-kde/wiki/Home is now
> outdated: the older patch linked over there would break, as an improved version
> has already been committed. This type of “double update” seems to imply more
> work to me. 
If you would have been following the above repository you would have seen that it
is NOT out of sync with your changes, since I DID spot your commit and AMENDED
the repository almost immediately, which is why the macports-kde repo is currently
rather empty, except for a new portfile for a development version of konversation
and few notes.

I do see that you don’t want additional house-keeping on your shoulders, given
you’re already doing so much work keeping all of KDE afloat these days.

I only suggested this approach, because I thought we all might be able to support
you in case we were having this additional infrastructure. But I admit that it could
only lead to the result that you’d have to organise your local port repository in 
such a way that it can easily be pushed into the still-to-be-introduced git repo on
KDE’s infrastructure, which is a lot of effort on your end with questionable use
for everyone else.

I conclude: I didn’t mean to coerce anyone into such a repo. It’s up to each one
of us whether to make use of it or not. :-)

Thanks again, Nicolas, for all your work on the vast amount of KDE ports out
there on MacPorts!!!


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