[KDE/Mac] KF5 Kate and QSP

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at kde.org
Sun Dec 7 21:50:06 UTC 2014

On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 6:46 AM, Marko Käning <mk-lists at email.de> wrote:
> Hi Ben,

Hi Marko,

> I think I am still in trouble with my OSX/CI system, as running kate still poses
> problems.
> If I understand the CI system correctly everything should be in place if the
> environment variables are set - as the prepare-environment.py would do it for
> your Jenkins slaves.
> Here on my OSX/CI, however, I have to do this:
>> So, if I now start kate like this (extending the XDG_DATA_DIRS accordingly) kate finally finds its rc file:
>> ---
>> MVM2:scripts marko$ XDG_DATA_DIRS=$XDG_DATA_DIRS:/opt/kde/install/darwin/mavericks/clang/kf5-qt5/kde/applications/kate/inst/share/ /opt/kde/install/darwin/mavericks/clang/kf5-qt5/kde/applications/kate/inst/Applications/KF5/kate.app/Contents/MacOS/kate
> which seems very odd to me...
> This means, that prepare-environment.py never adds the current project’s
> install root to the XDG paths.
> Is that intended?
> What am I missing?

The first of the paths you had to add will be a result of you not
including the --sources argument to the prepare-environment.py script.
Providing that argument as well would have resulted in the staging
install directory being used rather than the final one though
(intended to allow for tests to be executed even if we aren't
deploying this install, as you would want to do when you are building
a revision pulled from Reviewboard/Gerrit for instance - part of my
future proofing).

It is fairly harmless though that you had to add it by hand.

As for the second one, that looks like a Qt / Frameworks bug to me -
they should be searching within the application bundle on OSX.
You will need to ask about that one on k-f-d.

> Greets,
> Marko


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