[KDE/Mac] KF5 Kate and QSP

Marko Käning mk-lists at email.de
Sun Dec 7 22:22:59 UTC 2014

Hi Ben,

On 07 Dec 2014, at 22:50 , Ben Cooksley <bcooksley at kde.org> wrote:
> The first of the paths you had to add will be a result of you not
> including the --sources argument to the prepare-environment.py script.

but I did and do use this argument in prepare.sh:
python2.7 tools/prepare-environment.py --project $1 --branchGroup kf5-qt5 --platform darwin-mavericks --sources ${BDIR}

> Providing that argument as well would have resulted in the staging
> install directory being used rather than the final one though
> (intended to allow for tests to be executed even if we aren't
> deploying this install, as you would want to do when you are building
> a revision pulled from Reviewboard/Gerrit for instance - part of my
> future proofing).

I do provide that argument. So, what am I missing in your line of thoughts?

> It is fairly harmless though that you had to add it by hand.

I know it is harmless, but I want to achieve that the tests run without me having to patch anything.
Perhaps they even would, if I simply enabled them now...

> As for the second one, that looks like a Qt / Frameworks bug to me -
> they should be searching within the application bundle on OSX.
> You will need to ask about that one on k-f-d.

What exactly do you mean by "second one”?


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