[KDE/Mac] Why no LDAP Search in korganizer ?

Franz Skale i.bin at dah.am
Thu Aug 14 19:21:55 UTC 2014

wrong mailing list.
Btw. i'm using OSX 10.9.4 and kde 4.13.3 with kolab 3.2 and a patched
version of libcalendaring.



Am 14.08.14 14:50, schrieb Franz Skale:
> Hi,
> after reading and patching a lot of libcalendaring code to work with kde
> 4.13.x again (KOLAB 3.x), i found myself reading the source of
> korganizer and messagecomposer to check, why korganizer shows no option
> to search the ldap directory.
> This is quite annoying, since the standard Search dialog doesn't provide
> the LDAP search mehtod, but kmail (recepientspicker) uses a QPushBotton
> to open the ldapsearch dialog.
> Kolab provides access via shared folder but the site users remain in the
> LDAP directory.
> So, planning a meeting with only the shared and personal folders to
> select, is quite useless.
> Right now i try to hack the pushbutton to search ldap directory.
> In my opinion, there should be a unified search dialog class, with a
> switch on ldap (if kabldaprc and valid config) and then do a automatic
> search of all sources.
> If anyone can provide a better solution i would be very happy.
> Rgds.
> Franz
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