[KDE/Mac] Why no LDAP Search in korganizer ?

Franz Skale i.bin at dah.am
Thu Aug 14 12:50:06 UTC 2014

after reading and patching a lot of libcalendaring code to work with kde
4.13.x again (KOLAB 3.x), i found myself reading the source of
korganizer and messagecomposer to check, why korganizer shows no option
to search the ldap directory.
This is quite annoying, since the standard Search dialog doesn't provide
the LDAP search mehtod, but kmail (recepientspicker) uses a QPushBotton
to open the ldapsearch dialog.
Kolab provides access via shared folder but the site users remain in the
LDAP directory.
So, planning a meeting with only the shared and personal folders to
select, is quite useless.
Right now i try to hack the pushbutton to search ldap directory.
In my opinion, there should be a unified search dialog class, with a
switch on ldap (if kabldaprc and valid config) and then do a automatic
search of all sources.
If anyone can provide a better solution i would be very happy.



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