[KDE/Mac] KDE 4.13

Nicolas Pavillon nicos at macports.org
Sun Apr 27 15:37:17 UTC 2014


On Apr27, 2014, at 22:50, Ian Wadham <iandw.au at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 27/04/2014, at 8:11 PM, mk-lists at email.de wrote:
>>> Also, I would like to target the early bug-fix releases of 4.13 for cleanups
>>> of KDE portability problems on Apple OS X. Would a -devel port be good?
>> I guess so, but the effort to maintain devel ports or variants is very high and I can imagine that Nicolas doesn't want to invest that much time extra. He's got enough to do with the normal releases.
> Maybe I used the wrong term.  I meant an early stable release of 4.13
> with -devel or something else as a suffix, so that it would not be
> automatically picked up by 'sudo port upgrade outdated', but would be
> available for testing - with no guarantees.  I was not implying that it
> should follow the master branch.

I think we are all talking about the same thing, but do not consider the same implications. The thing is that making a -devel port makes it public, so that it is not really possible to get rid of it afterwards, thus implying to maintain it. There are also -devel ports which are left without updates, but I am not really of fan of this. 

In case the purpose would be to do some testing only once, probably local copes, or a personal folder on the svn repo would probably be more appropriate in my opinion: http://trac.macports.org/wiki/CommittersGuide/PersonalSVNRepository. 



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