[KDE/Mac] KDE 4.13

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Sun Apr 27 10:11:41 UTC 2014

Hi Nicolas & Ian,

> > I had a quick try to build the basic ports of KDE, and could build successfully 4.13.0.
> That's terrific news, Nicolas.


> Also, I would like to target the early bug-fix releases of 4.13 for cleanups
> of KDE portability problems on Apple OS X. Would a -devel port be good?

I guess so, but the effort to maintain devel ports or variants is very high and I can imagine that Nicolas doesn't want to invest that much time extra. He's got enough to do with the normal releases.

> As nepomuk is still required, 

Oh, I thought nepomuk is obsolete from now on...

> it is not advised to have both nepomuk and baloo running together, although it is possible. 


> Another thing is that since there is also Spotlight on Mac, I am not sure that all
> users would want two indexing programs running on their platform.

That's why I joined that discussion about how to effectively DISABLE (or perhaps not even install) baloo on OSX.

> I understand that Nepomuk indexing was always turn-offable,
> though unavoidable as a dependency.

I don't know whether we actually have nepomuk turned off currently on MacPorts...
Nicolas, do you know about that??

> have a look at Spotlight, which is neat and unobtrusive and there
> when you need it. But nobody seems to hear … :-)

Oh, I think all of us heard. It's just that there is noone proficient and willing enough to come up with Spotlight integration into KDE.

> I think Baloo will be a lot easier to handle on Mac than Nepomuk.

Let's hope so.


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