[KDE/Mac] launching kded

Till Adam adam at kde.org
Mon Jan 14 16:47:44 UTC 2013

> On Monday 14 January 2013 11:38:46 brad wrote:
> On Monday, January 14, 2013 05:15:37 PM you wrote:
> > Hey Brad,
> > 
> > you are not the only one :). I've been running it for years, mostly for
> > Kontact, and keep it building and working as best I can. Along with our
> > friends at Kolab Systems I'm starting a push leading up to the kdepim
> > sprint
> > in March to get kdepim into homebrew, so we have a reliable way of
> > building
> > (and later packaging) it sensibly. Previous efforts have focused on
> > macports, but I believe homebrew is the better choice now, with less
> > duplication and wasted efforts. If you interested to help, hit me up,
> > please :).
> i tried homebrew a while ago (perhaps a year) and discovered it was
> cumbersome to use homebrew when macports was already installed and i didn't
> have time to switch as i had an investment in macports (and an ancient
> laptop). i might give homebrew another shot now that i have a newer laptop
> that will take less than several days to compile qt/kde apps.> 

I was in the same boat. Now I'm using a fresh VM to rebase my builds on 
homebrew. There is just a lot less to package, in the end, because it can 
easily use system supplied libraries adn things like postgres.

> > Are you guys all building by hand?
> i build from macports except digikam and its 'extras' i build form git as i
> try to keep on top of strange os x bugs in digikam.

I do the same with KDEPIM :).


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