[KDE/Mac] packaging monkey reporting in - 4.2 beta2 is go!

Orville Bennett illogical1 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 02:55:08 CET 2008

Well, sorta. Some beta2 port files added to macports today.

Soprano, strigi, phonon, and akonadi are all still at their stable  
The kdebase* ports also have a variant for building xine stuff. if it  
doesn't work feel free to fix it but don't file bugs cause I won't :-)

If volunteers feel lucky submit kdegraphics, kdemultimedia, koffice,  
kdeutils, kdesdk, kdevelop, kdenetwork, digikam or kdenlive portfiles  
and they might show up.
I'm now sticking to my promise of not doing anything beyond base or  
that I'm not interested in. Enjoy :-)

Oh, there's also an amarok-devel port file which depends on the stable  
KDE release. At some point i'll probably change it to depend on either  
one (preferring stable).

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