[KDE/Mac] packaging monkey reporting in - 4.2 beta2 is go!

Jonas Bähr jonas.baehr at web.de
Mon Dec 22 13:03:15 CET 2008


Am 22.12.2008 um 02:55 schrieb Orville Bennett:

> Well, sorta. Some beta2 port files added to macports today.
> kdelibs4-devel
> kdebase4-devel
> kdepimlibs4-devel
> kdepim4-devel

Is "*-devel" a common suffix for unstable versions in MacPorts? I  
think some thing like "*-unstable" would be better since *-devel is  
mostly used for packages containing the headers of the binary, non- 
devel packages...

Thanks for your work,

> Soprano, strigi, phonon, and akonadi are all still at their stable
> versions.
> The kdebase* ports also have a variant for building xine stuff. if it
> doesn't work feel free to fix it but don't file bugs cause I won't :-)
> If volunteers feel lucky submit kdegraphics, kdemultimedia, koffice,
> kdeutils, kdesdk, kdevelop, kdenetwork, digikam or kdenlive portfiles
> and they might show up.
> I'm now sticking to my promise of not doing anything beyond base or
> that I'm not interested in. Enjoy :-)
> Oh, there's also an amarok-devel port file which depends on the stable
> KDE release. At some point i'll probably change it to depend on either
> one (preferring stable).
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