[kde-linux] KDE-4.10.1 - Pager sort of a mess

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Apr 11 08:36:55 UTC 2013

Mark Knecht posted on Tue, 09 Apr 2013 14:51:26 -0700 as excerpted:

>> One other thing I noticed: With the oxygen (and professional) desktop
>> theme(s), there's a small (1 px?) blue outline around the active
>> desktop in the pager.
> Exactly what I see but what's blue for you it's a 1 pixel white border
> for me, and this border is really only visible around the corners of the
> active pager box.
> <SNIP>
> I was already using Oxygen. I tried most of the others provided by a
> standard Gentoo install but really Oxygen seems the best.

After more testing, are you *SURE* you're using the Oxygen *DESKTOP* 
*THEME*?  Please do check in kde settings under workspace appearance and 
behavior, workspace appearance, desktop theme.

Specifically, I'm NOT talking the oxygen color scheme (under common 
appearance and behavior, application appearance, colors).  Neither am I 
talking the oxygen widget style (under common appearance and behavior, 
application appearance, style).  Neither am I talking the oxygen window 
decorations (under workspace appearance and behavior, workspace 
appearance window decorations).  Be SURE we're talking the same oxygen, 
the oxygen desktop theme, under workspace appearance and behavior, 
workspace appearance, desktop theme.

Because I tried all sorts of stuff including moving my $KDEHOME dir 
(normally ~/.kde altho I have the variable set to point it elsewhere) 
somewhere else so I restart with a system-only kde config, and...

1) It can be noted that the desktop theme defaults to "air" (not oxygen, 
oxygen is a dark/black desktop theme, air is light/white), so from a 
clean config it was air and I had to set oxygen as the desktop theme.

2) From a clean config and from every other variant of config I tried, 
the air desktop theme had a white outline around the active desktop in 
the pager, while oxygen had a blue outline.

So I'm left to conclude that the most likely scenario is that despite my 
specifically noting the problem of multiple things being called "oxygen" 
and the confusion between themes/schemes/styles/etc, and my specifically 
noting that I was referring to the DESKTOP THEME, not any OTHER schemes/
styles/etc that might also be named oxygen, you are very likely referring 
to oxygen-something-else, and that whatever desktop theme you are 
running, it's not oxygen... and if it's the default you're probably 
running air.

Because if you really ARE running the oxygen desktop theme, and you're 
getting the white outline, I seriously haven't the foggiest idea how, and 
I'm thinking either your installation or mine must be rather screwed up, 

Meanwhile, I'm not exactly sure what the best solution to this themes/
schemes/styles/etc confusion might be, but it would certainly help if 
each one used a variant on the naming idea as the default (and as primary 
shipped alternatives), so say oxygen/air/nitrogen/carbondioxide/... 
instead of having shipped versions of oxygen with every single one, 
thereby making an already confusing theme/scheme/style/etc situation even 
more so with the same names as default or a primary shipped option across 
all of them.

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