[kde-linux] KDE-4.10.1 - Pager sort of a mess

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Apr 10 00:07:12 UTC 2013

Mark Knecht posted on Tue, 09 Apr 2013 14:51:26 -0700 as excerpted:

>> One other thing I noticed: With the oxygen (and professional) desktop
>> theme(s), there's a small (1 px?) blue outline around the active
>> desktop in the pager.
> Exactly what I see but what's blue for you it's a 1 pixel white border
> for me, and this border is really only visible around the corners of the
> active pager box.

I see you found the slim glow theme that addresses your immediate need, 
but this bit's interesting, none-the-less.  We were both using oxygen, 
but that blue outline for me is white for you, like the air themes for me.

That means there's something else to it also, probably the color schemes 
I mentioned as a possibility but discounted, earlier.

But in the quick experiment I did with the pager here, I did try 
switching a couple colors there, and none of the colors I switched 
anyway, changed the blue outline.  I even switched to a different color 
scheme and restarted plasma, but still the outline didn't change.

However, I might be encountering a bug I saw once before, where some bits 
of plasma don't change color when the scheme changes -- I only saw the 
change with a kde restart.  I thought the plasma restart would do it too, 
but it would appear to be something kded (or something equally deep in 
kde's guts) retains.

Now that I know your color is different, however, I'll do a bit more 
experimentation, and see what I turn up.  Maybe a call to kbuildsycoca4 
will trigger the switch without restarting all of X/kde...  I'll have to 
see what turns up...

Meanwhile, FWIW I use a customized variant of the Dark-blue-Debian color 
scheme from kdelook (calling mine dark-blue-dunc =:^), downloaded 
originally back in the kde 4.2/4.3 era when I switched from kde3, but 
tweaked here and there as needed since then.  That was a good start, far 
better than most "reverse" color schemes at the time in terms of 
readability, so the author had done his homework to some degree, but that 
was early enough in the kde4 story that it simply hadn't had time to be 
tweaked to the degree I've tweaked my copy now, and I've tweaked it here 
rather than checking back there for an update, so for all I know it has 
been further tweaked since then as well.

You could try dark-blue-debian if you like, downloading it from kdelook 
as I did, especially if you prefer "reverse" light-on-dark color-schemes, 
as opposed to the default and more common dark-on-light, which simply 
doesn't work well for me.  (The combination of the all too common shades-
of-gray defaults along with dark-on-light is /seriously/ uncomfortable 
for me here, to the point I feel physically slightly nauseous/ill.)

If you recall, that was actually one of my original complaints about 
kde4, that it didn't import the kde3 color scheme and that there was (at 
the time, kde 4.2/4.3 era) not enough documentation on the far more 
complex kde4 setup to work with it effectively.  Fortunately, the kde 
developer responsible for the kde settings color dialog saw my complaints 
and we worked together to make the dialog itself better, and the help 
contents far more useful as well, so while it's still quite complex, it's 
possible to actually work with it sanely these days, for those with 
sufficient motivation to read the help for it and then work with the 
system instead of trying to fight it.

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