[kde-linux] Making fonts available to Konsole 3.5.10

David J Iannucci xqryvahkzy at punchcutter.ml1.net
Sat Oct 22 17:19:31 UTC 2011

So.... I'm still running a KDE 3.5 system on Gentoo, using Konsole
1.6.6 for KDE 3.5.10, and trying to use some new TTF fonts I installed
in Konsole.

I've always been mystified about how fonts work in Linux, but I've
learned by googling that you can install TTFs by just putting the font
files in a directory ~/.fonts. When I do that, the fonts are recognized
by OpenOffice (e.g.).  But when I open the Select Font dialog for
Konsole, they don't appear. In fact many of the fonts that appear in OOo
are not included.

Does anyone know the reason why? Does it have something to do with
Konsole (at least the old version I'm using) not being capable of using
TTF fonts at all?



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