[kde-linux] Setting DISPLAY variable on quicklaunch entry not working

Allistar allistar.m at gmail.com
Wed May 11 04:25:46 UTC 2011

Hi there,
  I've just updated KDE to 4.6.2 on Gentoo Linux and to my surprise Plasma 
now works on my second screen (screen in the X sense, not in the physical 
monitor sense). Previously the only way to get am accelerated triple head 
setup was to run e16 on the 2nd screen.

  This means I now have two instances of KDE running, with 2 instances of 
the plasma desktop. All good so far. When I add a panel to the second plasma 
instahnce and in that panel I add the "Quick Launch" widget. To that I add 
an icon for Konsole. When clicking on that icon it always starts Konsole up 
on screen 0, not screen 1.

  Setting the icon command to be:

DISPLAY=":0.1" konsole

Doesn't work - it still starts it up on the wrong screen. Oddly, when I 
start it up from the K menu on the second screen, it starts in the right 

How do I convince quicklaunch to honour the DISPLAY setting for the current 


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