[kde-linux] Re: Printing in 4.6.3

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Fri May 6 05:51:24 UTC 2011

Dale posted on Thu, 05 May 2011 21:11:07 -0500 as excerpted:

> Felix Miata wrote:
>> On 2011/05/05 15:51 (GMT-0700) James Tyrer composed:
>>> I have now upgraded to KDE-4.6.3 and I find that I still can not print
>>> correctly from Konqueror.
>>> Is there any hope that this will ever work?
>>> Are other people able to print, or do the developers simply ignore the
>>> fact that printing does not work correctly?
>> My experience with printing from web browsers is that all except IE are
>> dismal, though my experience printing with a Mac is extremely limited. 
>> each acceptable printed page I typically waste between 10&  20 sheets 
>> unless I use IE (or a DTP or office suite application). It's awful, and 
>> very good thing I don't often need to print with a browser.
> I print from Seamonkey and Firefox a lot.  I don't have any problems 
> with printing from a web browser.  I sometimes print whole web pages, 
> selected parts and even to a pdf at times.  No problems so far.

I was just going to suggest printing to pdf.  You can then open that in 
okular or whatever and see what it looks like (effectively a print 
preview), before printing /that/ to the actual printer.

Depending on the purpose of the printing, it's also sometimes possible to 
save as plain text and print from a text editor, perhaps with the 
supplemental images if any, saved, then printed from an image program.  If 
it's just documentation, text and perhaps a few diagrams, that often works 
just fine (and even better if you can print in draft mode using the 
printer's often quite good and ink-economic native fonts).

Note that I don't actually have a printer currently, but that's the sort 
of thing I used to do, occasionally.  (FWIW, when I do get another 
printer, it's going to be a laser printer, so it won't dry up here in the 
Phoenix heat, giving me what amounts to one print job per $30 cartridge 
($10 cheap refill) with inkjets as I don't print that much.  That's 
ridiculous, and the reason I don't have a printer at this point.  I'd like 
to do color laser but might settle for black-toner-only; I've not really 
decided, but it's for sure going to be laser, as it's simply not worth 
wasting time and energy on inkjet any longer.)

Meanwhile, there were certainly print issues with early kde4.  Some of 
them were supposed to have been fixed in later qt, first, but AFAIK, 
qt-4.7 should have most of those fixes.  Back along about 4.3 and 4.4, 
they were forecasting that the print situation should finally be working 
itself out by 4.6 and 4.7, but I've not kept up with where they actually 
are now that we're /at/ 4.6, as I had to cut the kde planet feed I was 
reading back then, along with several others, due to the time it was 
taking.  That, and the fact that I /don't/ have a printer ATM means I've 
really had no exposure to it directly, and this is the first thread on it 
I've seen in awhile, so I really don't know what the current situation and 
short term thru 4.7 future status is likely to be.  Perhaps someone more 
currently informed will post and I'll then know too.  Meanwhile, I guess 
this does mean there's at minimum, still some thorns with the roses.

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