[kde-linux] Re: LCD weather widget not finding noaa stations

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Tue May 3 14:26:18 UTC 2011

Duncan wrote:
> Yes indeed.  Fortunately for the bug I mentioned above, I hadn't cleared
> out the binpkgs for 4.6.0 and 4.6.1, so it was easy enough to use them.
> Just in case you weren't aware, the binpkg format is simply a tarball of
> the files as they'd install (from the fake-install immediately prior to
> what would be the qmerge step if FEATURES=-binpkg), with some extra data
> glued on the end.  It's possible to open and browse the tarball content
> using most archivers, including both ark and mc's virtual tarball
> filesystem.
> Additionally, if you edit the file itself, near the end you'll find the
> actual ebuild used, as plain text.  Of course you can also use qxpak from
> the portage-utils package to unpack the entire thing, but I usually simply
> grab the plain text ebuild with a simple text editor, if that's all I
> need.  (It usually is, short term anyway.  Longer term, the in-tree/in-
> overlay eclasses might change in an incompatible way since they don't have
> to worry about compatibility with the removed ebuild any longer, thus
> making use of the ebuild-only difficult without the environmental data
> contained in the rest of the xpak.)
> So using something like mc, which can diff between comparable files in two
> different tarballs directly, no manual extracting required (I think it
> does that to a temp area on its own but it's all automatic if so, and it
> may handle it entirely in memory for small files), it's quite possible
> indeed to see what has changed, either in filesystem layout and filenames,
> or between two config files, say, while working with just the binpkgs
> without even extracting them let alone installing them.
> And if you need the ebuild, grabbing it from the binpkg is easy enough as
> well, tho as I said, if they've changed the eclasses it depends on in the
> mean time, you may have a bit more work to worry about than just the
> ebuild, but they too can be recovered from the xpak if necessary, thus
> giving one the necessary bits to do a from-source rebuild as well as
> simply using the existing binpkg, should that be necessary.
> Of course it's also possible to recover the old ebuilds and related
> eclasses from Gentoo's tree repo (and/or gentoo/kde's git repo for the
> overlay), if one wishes, but it's nice to know the data is available
> locally too, as long as you still have the binpkgs, and it's often more
> convenient to simply recover it that way.

I eclean'd it.  I have a large drive my OS is on and no idea why I keep 
cleaning all that stuff out.  I'll grow a brain one day and keep some of 
the stuff around.

I did some poking around tho and found a config file with noaa in it.  
So, it seems odd that it doesn't work.  Maybe the next release will have 
a fix.


:-)  :-)

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