[kde-linux] Re: LCD weather widget not finding noaa stations

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Tue May 3 01:14:30 UTC 2011

Dale posted on Mon, 02 May 2011 05:26:42 -0500 as excerpted:

> Does that belong to kdeplasma-addons?  Google searches makes me think it
> does.  I thought about seeing if I can downgrade that one package and
> see if it works again.  Maybe if I configure it with the old package
> that will do something.

I wasn't sure which files corresponded to that plasmoid, so I couldn't 
equery files or belongs to see which package they corresponded to, 
before.  However, based on your pointer to kdeplasma-addons, it appears 
you are correct, as 

equery files kdeplasma-addons | grep weather 

returns a number of weatherstation hits, with weatherstation matching the 
name close enough that I'm pretty sure that's it.

Be aware that in ordered to downgrade, you'll probably need to feed 
portage the --nodeps option, since otherwise it'll probably want to 
downgrade a bunch of other kde-related stuff as well, because they keep 
the versions pretty close to synced.  But as long as you have the new 
version installed, it should have the dependencies met, and within a minor/
feature series, thus within 4.6.x, versions should be pretty close to 
compatible, no matter what portage thinks.

The problem would however be that due to the dependencies, you'll have 
issues doing further world updates, or emerge --depcleans, etc, until you 
get portage's deps straight once again.

What I did here with the one upgrade related bug I had, was first find and 
confirm the individual package it was in, with a temporary downgrade test, 
then, using the binpkgs (I run FEATURES=buildpkg for exactly this sort of 
thing), upgraded once again and then switched out individual files from 
the two versions until I knew which file it was in.  Presently, therefore, 
I'm upgraded to the new version (4.6.2), except that I have one file from 
the 4.6.1 binpkg copied back over the 4.6.2 version.  So the portage deps 
work out fine (tho it would detect the one file as changed, but that 
doesn't matter for deps calculation), and I can and have continued my 
routine upgrades since, including revdep-rebuild (fortunately the two 
files are close enough the binary deps are the same, tho that's expected 
within the same kde minor) and emerge --depclean after every update, to 
keep the system clean and free of cruft.

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