[kde-linux] Re: LCD weather widget not finding noaa stations

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Mon May 2 10:26:42 UTC 2011

Duncan wrote:
> I don't use the default lcd-weather plasmoid so won't offer any
> suggestions or theories on it, but I do have installed and on my desktop,
> kde-misc/yawp (yet another weather plasmoid), and in the system tray, I
> have "Weather Forcast" activated (system tray context menu, system tray
> settings, display icon, unlock widgets if necessary, extra items, select
> weather forcast, after which you can context-click it to configure).
> yawp appears as a system tray optional item as well, but it doesn't work
> well with vertically arranged systrays such as mine, so it's disabled
> there in favor of weather forcast, with yawp as a desktop plasmoid instead.
> The location selection and general functionality of both of those work.  I
> know as I'm using them.  (Gentoo/~amd64 no-multilib with kde 4.6.2 and
> including the kde overlay, tho yawp's in the main tree and I /think/
> weather forcast is default.)  So if you can't get the LCD weather plasmoid
> to work, there's two options that I /do/ know work, here on Gentoo. =:^)

I think it worked before my last upgrade.  I look at it a lot.  I sleep 
odd hours and never know if it is cool outside or warm so I look at it 
to see what the weather is doing.  The funny thing is, it works for the 
other thingy that shows the forecast for the next few days.  It's just 
the current temp and such that doesn't work.  I have tried other cities, 
local air base and a few other things excluding a stick of dynamite.  
May try that next tho.

Does that belong to kdeplasma-addons?  Google searches makes me think it 
does.  I thought about seeing if I can downgrade that one package and 
see if it works again.  Maybe if I configure it with the old package 
that will do something.


:-)  :-)

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