[kde-linux] Re: LCD weather widget not finding noaa stations

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Mon May 2 10:14:55 UTC 2011

Dale posted on Mon, 02 May 2011 04:06:21 -0500 as excerpted:

> I recently upgraded to KDE 4.6.2 and noticed the weather widget thingy
> stopped working.  It seemed to have lost its settings somehow.  Anyway,
> I right clicked and tried to set it again.  It comes up with a list but
> they are all wettercom instead of noaa stations.  They don't seem to
> work.
> I'm using Gentoo and I don't see any relevant USE flags that I can
> change.
> What do I have to do to get my noaa entries back?   Am I missing
> something?  Bug?

I don't use the default lcd-weather plasmoid so won't offer any 
suggestions or theories on it, but I do have installed and on my desktop, 
kde-misc/yawp (yet another weather plasmoid), and in the system tray, I 
have "Weather Forcast" activated (system tray context menu, system tray 
settings, display icon, unlock widgets if necessary, extra items, select 
weather forcast, after which you can context-click it to configure).

yawp appears as a system tray optional item as well, but it doesn't work 
well with vertically arranged systrays such as mine, so it's disabled 
there in favor of weather forcast, with yawp as a desktop plasmoid instead.

The location selection and general functionality of both of those work.  I 
know as I'm using them.  (Gentoo/~amd64 no-multilib with kde 4.6.2 and 
including the kde overlay, tho yawp's in the main tree and I /think/ 
weather forcast is default.)  So if you can't get the LCD weather plasmoid 
to work, there's two options that I /do/ know work, here on Gentoo. =:^)

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