[kde-linux] Re: fstab--translation?

Pascal Bernhard pascal.hasko.bernhard at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 23 15:43:46 UTC 2010

On 23.11.2010 06:54, Doug wrote:
> On PCLINUXOS, a KDE-derived system, the fstab appears
> as shown here, below.  (I hope--I pasted a Ksnapshot in.)
> I tried some time ago to run WINE, but I needed to input files from a floppy, and the os wouldn't recognise it.  I think it needs to be in the
> fstab, but I can't read this stuff, and I have no idea how I would find the UUID of my floppy drive.

Duncan is right the UUID is set when formatting a disk an creating a 
file system, so the UUID would be specific to the floppy you insert into 
the drive. It has nothing to do with the floppy drive itself.

To get information about the hardware in your computer (including any 
drives, but also graphics cards, wireless, you name it) enter:
lspci -v

To get the UUIDs of your disks enter:

For information about mounted drives including their respective UUIDs 
you might want to use:
mount | column -t

column -t will display the output as a nice table

I hope this will help you somewhat,



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