[kde-linux] Re: KDE 4.5.3 - awesome!

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Sun Nov 7 15:14:39 UTC 2010

Am Sonntag, 7. November 2010, um 15:57:19 schrieb John Culleton:
> So far KDE 4.x that I have seen has been sluggish and clumsy to use.

this is partly due to graphics drivers problems, e.g. kde4 has been almost 
unusable for most of the time, until better drivers for my (quite standard) 
intel oboard graphics cards were available.
and it is still true for my older despktop with sis graphics.
conclusion is: kde4 only works reasonably fast on newer / well supported 
hardware, which is a shame, IMHO, as it forces hardware upgrade on users, just 
like M$ does (and no, I don't claim kde4 should run well on 400 mhz pentium 1 
> And one of the most useful parts of the KDE Suite, Quanta Plus, has 
> not been rewritten to match.  

but there is hope - see


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