[kde-linux] Help needed: KAuth and SystemSettings. (2)

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 28 21:09:26 UTC 2010

On 03/28/10 09:15, Dale wrote:
> James Tyrer wrote:
>> Having ferreted out some additional information, I have made some
>> progress.  I still need a bit of help from people that installed from
Int>> the timezone, when I select a different timezone in the "Time 
Zone" tab,
>> the "Apply" button does not activate -- it remains grayed out.
>> If you don't have this problem, could you please tell me the distro and
>> release that you are using for KDE-4.4.
> This is how I have worked around this problem.  I have Konqueror set to
> open with root privileges.  I did that by editting the menu and setting
> it to open as root instead of my user.  When I need to change a setting
> that requires me to be root, I go to settings:/ in Konqueror and then
> navigate my way around to where I need to go to edit the configs.  It's
> not as pretty as the regular menu but it is running as root and so far,
> nothing is grayed out for me.

Interesting idea.

Did you know that you can, if KDESU is working, use the Run Command 
widget to run: "kdesu systemsettings".  I found this useful till KDESU 
quit working.

But, what I am trying to do is figure out why this doesn't work.  If a 
distro has it working, I want to look at their patches.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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