[kde-linux] Help needed: KAuth and SystemSettings. (2)

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 22:44:55 UTC 2010

James Tyrer wrote:
> On 03/28/10 09:15, Dale wrote:
>> James Tyrer wrote:
>>> Having ferreted out some additional information, I have made some
>>> progress.  I still need a bit of help from people that installed from
> Int>>  the timezone, when I select a different timezone in the "Time
> Zone" tab,
>>> the "Apply" button does not activate -- it remains grayed out.
>>> If you don't have this problem, could you please tell me the distro and
>>> release that you are using for KDE-4.4.
>> This is how I have worked around this problem.  I have Konqueror set to
>> open with root privileges.  I did that by editting the menu and setting
>> it to open as root instead of my user.  When I need to change a setting
>> that requires me to be root, I go to settings:/ in Konqueror and then
>> navigate my way around to where I need to go to edit the configs.  It's
>> not as pretty as the regular menu but it is running as root and so far,
>> nothing is grayed out for me.
> Interesting idea.
> Did you know that you can, if KDESU is working, use the Run Command
> widget to run: "kdesu systemsettings".  I found this useful till KDESU
> quit working.
> But, what I am trying to do is figure out why this doesn't work.  If a
> distro has it working, I want to look at their patches.

I used the command you gave and then went to the date and time section.  
It says something to the effect that 'I am not allowed to save settings' 
for that.  So, it appears that Gentoo is doing the same thing as what 
you have.  Since Gentoo is source based, just maybe this is a KDE bug?  
I dunno.

If I do the same thing with Konqueror, it works fine.  I don't get the 
message that I can't save changes and the apply button is its normal 
color.  Sort of funny that it works in one root session but not in 
another.  Good luck figuring that one out.  lol


:-)  :-)

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