[kde-linux] Sidux uses Kubuntu KDE version for desktop

Steven Crooks steven at worldofcrooks.org
Mon Mar 15 02:47:40 UTC 2010

On Sunday 14 March 2010 22:53:03 denis wrote:
> Hello,
> please let me know if this is not the correct list to post this inquiry in.
> Over the last 2 months I changed operating systems, going from
> Kubuntu, OpenSuse, and finally chose Sidux.
> Sidux ran great and I tried to get the latest updates but I messed up
> the windom managers and my home directory.
> The default KDE desktop for Sidux used to be a red and black
> background, but now after choosing the KDE Session type at login
> the blue Kubuntu KDE version appears.
> I've reloaded the Sidux OS several times and it starts with the default
> red/black Sidux KDE Desktop, but as soon  as I untar my home
> directory, it reverts to the blue KDE desktop at the next startup.
> I use Eagle to design PC boards and use a ULP script which was
> upgraded 2 months ago. Now when the script is called it runs an
> older version from 2 years back.
> Both of these problems started when I tried to update the OS. I think
> that attempt may have corrupted my home directory, and  the
> problems I'm experiencing are caused by my home directory.
> Would any one have any idea how I can resolve this.
> cheers,
> Denis
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Good Morning,

let me guess, you've just mounted your old $HOME from kubuntu/suse into sidux, 
am i right? If so, there _must_ be problems. That kubuntu wallpaper must be 
somewhere in your $HOME, i can assure you, that it is not from sidux.

Do yourself a favor, create a new $HOME and copy data (e.g. mail, contacts, 
etc.) and important settings into the new one. Yes, it takes a little time, 
but you will get less problems, using a fresh $HOME-directory (and it even is 
recommended by the sidux-devs, thats why you can't mount a "old" $HOME 
directory in the installation-setup).

I recommend you to read the (fantastic) sidux-manual, you will find plenty of 
informations and hints in there.

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