[kde-linux] Testing KDE4, again...

Kolia -- thelwyn at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 18:58:32 UTC 2010

Hello Alain,

> 1) The new desktop is strange to me, is there an explanation of anytype
> of what it is intended to acomplish, why is it better, etc.? Even how to
> configure it (including hwo to go back to old behaviour???

You can find some howto of how to handle the elements of your desktop there:
In the desktop section you will find how to go back to the old behavior.
Don't switch back immediately and try the new way (especially folder views),
IMO more productive than classical desktop.

A visual guide was made for the 4.4 release too:
http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.4/guide.php (however it may assume that
the reader knows a bit of the KDE4 series.

I'm sure other people can point some useful resources too.

Desktop has changed a lot from KDE3, don't judge it too fast and give it a
real try: it's really worth it.

> 2) Network ethernet is ok (I can navigate and ifconfig confirms that),
> but in the "Network settings" there is no network connection. Shouldn't
> thare be all machines connections? it was so with many KDE3 distro that
> I used (older Mandiva/Kubuntu).

Don't know what network manager is installed, but until the plasma applet is
stabilized I would strongly recommend you to install wicd.
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