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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Jul 25 09:17:34 UTC 2010

David Baron posted on Sun, 25 Jul 2010 09:16:48 +0300 as excerpted:

> My KDE4 is excruciatingly slow to start up. The culprit is Akonadi.
> Specifically akonadi_maildir_resource. A zillion of these start up and
> until most of them die out, nothing can move. I have not been able to
> simply ask for one or a desired small number of these (I have one
> vcs/maildir folder--how many "resources" does the require for kmail to
> run properly?).
> How can one fix this or get it under some control?
> Alternative mail program and scrap akonadi (or at least all its
> processes touching email)?

You don't mention which version of kde4, which makes a big difference.

The deal with akonadi is this.  Until 4.4, very little in kde as released 
actually used akonadi at all.  With 4.3, kaddressbook began using it, and 
I think kopete did do (I don't use it or even have it installed, so all I 
know is what I've read, with it).  Also, krunner uses it I think, if 
autocomplete contacts are enabled (it uses nepomuk too, if its desktop 
search autocomplete is enabled).  But kmail itself doesn't use akonadi 
yet.  So with current kde 4.4.x, only "extra" stuff uses it, and before 
that, little actually depended on it at all.  Thus, unless you're using 
trunk or 4.5 branch, you should be able to disable akonadi if you have to, 
without breaking anything too important, tho with 4.4 I believe you'll 
lose kaddressbook (and part of kopete but I don't use it so don't have any 
idea if it's everything or not) if you do.

4.5 is a different story.  Actually, 4.5.0 should be pretty much like 
4.4.0, as they didn't think it was quite ready for the coming in August 
4.5.0.  But kmail is scheduled to transition to akonadi with 4.5.1, so 
from then on, kmail with be broken if akonadi is.

However, they really are working on it and have fixed a quite a few issues 
with it, so by the time 4.5.1 comes around, one can hope it will actually 
work reasonably dependably, without hogging resources, etc.  I guess we'll 

Meanwhile, you can probably tune akonadi somewhat, but I'm not the person 
to ask about that.  (I run a 2.8 GHz dual dual-core Opteron 290 system, 
Gentoo/~amd64, 6 gigs RAM, four SATA drives in md/kernel RAID-1... it's 
not like such things affect me enough to worry about unless they're 
*REALLY* bad, and they're not /that/ bad, at least here, so it's nothing 
I'e had to deal with.)  But Kevin Krammer should answer when he sees this 
too, and he's one of the folks working on the kmail akonadi transfer, so 
if anyone can help you get things under control, it should be him.

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