[kde-linux] Pringing using Ghostscript drivers

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 11 06:42:23 UTC 2010

On Saturday 10 July 2010 20:40:11 James Tyrer wrote:
> On 07/10/10 10:43, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > On Saturday 10 July 2010 16:58:38 James Tyrer wrote:
> >> I forgot to mention that printing started working.  I wish that I knew
> >> why, or what the problem was.
> >> 
> >> I do find one rather interesting thing.  The CUPS web interface does not
> >> work in Konqueor.  This is both seriously weird and totally inexcusable.
> >> 
> >> Now to my question.  How do I use a GhostScript driver (device) to
> >> print?
> > 
> > You set it in the CUPS interface.  What exactly didn't work for you?  It
> > works here.
> Perhaps there is something more that I need to install.  However, when I
> bring up the CUPS web interface, after naming the printer, I get to a
> page where I am to select: "Make" & "Model" which I did, but whatever
> driver I am now using does not work as well as the GhostScript device:
> "epson" which is what I was using when I had to print manually.  I see
> no place in the CUPS web interface where the GhostScript devices
> (drivers?) I have installed are listed.
> My question remains *how* do I use the GhostScrip device "epson" as the
> RIP (or driver if you would rather call it that) to print with CUPS?
> Setup is simple for GhostScript:
> 	GSDEVICE=epson
> 	RESOLUTION=360x180
> 	PAPERSIZE=letter
> but I can't find a way to input this into CUPS.  It does not read these
> if they are set as environment variables like a GhostScript script does.
>   Actually, I found where to set RESOLUTION & PAPERSIZE in the web
> interface, but nowhere to set GSDEVICE.
> CUPS is like using a sledge hammer to kill a fly.  But at least I can
> print although I have not tried fonts yet.

'Modify Printer' is where you tell it where to find the .ppd.  If your printer 
isn't listed you simply point it to the .ppd you have downloaded.  As you have 
found, 'Set Printer Defaults' is where you set paper size, etc.

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