[kde-linux] KAddressBook & Google Contacts

Vojtěch Zeisek Vojtech.Zeisek at opensuse.org
Sat Jul 10 22:12:28 UTC 2010

I use Kontact as my PIM suite on openSUSE 11.2, KDE 4.3.5. It is really great 
PIM suite, I like it very much. But I'm facing problems when trying to add my 
Google Contacts as resource using Akonadi to KAddressBook. Google Calendars as 
well as IMAP work great in KOrganizer and KMail, respectively. I have package 
akonadi-googledata, which should provide synchronization features for 
contacts, calendars and Google. I just added akonadi_googledata_resource to 
contact Akonadi resource for KAddressBook.
When I view contact added in Google, I hardly see more than name (sometimes 
with wrong position of first and last name) and e-mail or phone. Another 
entries (address, IM, ....) are missing. I'm facing similar problem when 
adding new contact to KAddressBook Google Contacts Akonadi resource - only few 
entries from whole contact are really send to Google.
Synchronization of contacts with Google works fine in Evolution as well as in 
Thunderbird/Sunbird. But KDE PIM is much more better... :-(
Does anyone have same problem? What am I doing wrong?
Thank You in advance for any help!
Best regards,
Vojtěch Zeisek

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