[kde-linux] Pringing using Ghostscript drivers

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 10 19:40:11 UTC 2010

On 07/10/10 10:43, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Saturday 10 July 2010 16:58:38 James Tyrer wrote:
>> I forgot to mention that printing started working.  I wish that I knew
>> why, or what the problem was.
>> I do find one rather interesting thing.  The CUPS web interface does not
>> work in Konqueor.  This is both seriously weird and totally inexcusable.
>> Now to my question.  How do I use a GhostScript driver (device) to print?
> You set it in the CUPS interface.  What exactly didn't work for you?  It works
> here.
Perhaps there is something more that I need to install.  However, when I 
bring up the CUPS web interface, after naming the printer, I get to a 
page where I am to select: "Make" & "Model" which I did, but whatever 
driver I am now using does not work as well as the GhostScript device: 
"epson" which is what I was using when I had to print manually.  I see 
no place in the CUPS web interface where the GhostScript devices 
(drivers?) I have installed are listed.

My question remains *how* do I use the GhostScrip device "epson" as the 
RIP (or driver if you would rather call it that) to print with CUPS?

Setup is simple for GhostScript:


but I can't find a way to input this into CUPS.  It does not read these 
if they are set as environment variables like a GhostScript script does. 
  Actually, I found where to set RESOLUTION & PAPERSIZE in the web 
interface, but nowhere to set GSDEVICE.

CUPS is like using a sledge hammer to kill a fly.  But at least I can 
print although I have not tried fonts yet.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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