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falkengeist at surfbest.net falkengeist at surfbest.net
Mon Jan 4 19:11:06 UTC 2010

This reply has led me to some success.  I'll post again later when I
have a more complete answer.  Keep in mind that Xandros Linux always
worked with all of my serial modems.  Their non kppp handling of
dialup is pretty robust since it also recognizes many Winmodems. 
Anyway, I checked my DIP switches and found that AT was properly set,
which I expected.  After doing this I thought I would try my newest
3Com modem because some of the info printed on the bottom of the case
was different.  I'm currently signed on using Mandriva/kppp.  Yipee! 
As soon as I find out why this worked and the other modem didn't I'll
let everyone know.  I suspect that because Xasndros is an older
distro, and it is pretty robust, it allowed for circumstances with my
older modem that kppp isn't handling.  I don't htink this is good,
but maybe it will direct us to a fix so that things do work.


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>"On 03:55:58 pm falkengeist at surfbest.net said"
>>  I did look
>> at the log available in kppp, and it shows ATZ coming up, followed
>> OK, then ATM0L0, but after that nothing.  I like kppp, I think it's
>> simple and easy to use, but it obviously has to work.  I have the
>> Robotics version of the 3Com Courier, as well as 2, 3Com Couriers
>> before they were purchased by US Robotics. One of the best serial
>> modems ever should be recognized by everyone.
>> Chuck
> I would suggest you check your manual and see if the ATM0L0 is a
>command for the modem, you may need to adjust the init string a
>little to 
>match what you need to do to get ready to dial. I used to have a pair
>couriers back in the dial up bbs days.
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