[kde-linux] kppp

ka1ifq ka1ifq at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 3 21:09:11 UTC 2010

"On 03:55:58 pm falkengeist at surfbest.net said"
>  I did look
> at the log available in kppp, and it shows ATZ coming up, followed by
> OK, then ATM0L0, but after that nothing.  I like kppp, I think it's
> simple and easy to use, but it obviously has to work.  I have the US
> Robotics version of the 3Com Courier, as well as 2, 3Com Couriers
> before they were purchased by US Robotics. One of the best serial
> modems ever should be recognized by everyone.
> Chuck
 I would suggest you check your manual and see if the ATM0L0 is a valid 
command for the modem, you may need to adjust the init string a little to 
match what you need to do to get ready to dial. I used to have a pair of 
couriers back in the dial up bbs days.

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