[kde-linux] KDE 4.3.4 + pnm2ppa + CUPS

Lars Tennstedt oss at larstennstedt.de
Sun Jan 3 13:43:16 UTC 2010

On 01/02/2010 11:06 PM, Duncan wrote:
> Lars Tennstedt posted on Sat, 02 Jan 2010 19:24:10 +0100 as excerpted:
>> Hello and a happy new year,
>> I have noticed print problems on my pc sine the release of KDE 4.0.0. I
>> guessed that I had to wait that the KDE 4 or Qt 4 print backend got
>> better.
>> But at the moment I use KDE 4.3.4 on Arch Linux with pnm2ppa from AUR
>> and CUPS. My box is up-to-date. I can print with Firefox, GIMP,
>> OpenOffice and GNOME applications but I cannot still with KDE 4 or Qt 4
>> applications.
>> I did not find anything about that issue. Can someone help me?
> I don't have a printer but this is what I've read:
> There's some known issues with current kde and printing.  kde4's printing
> is now based on qt's printing support, with kde4 apparently the first big
> project to use it.  They found some significant bugs.
> The proper qt4 fixes didn't make it for qt-4.6 unfortunately, tho they'll
> be in 4.7, but there's supposed to be workarounds in kde-4.4, which will
> depend on qt-4.6, so kde-4.4 should fix at least /some/ of the issues.
> kde-4.4 (well, it's now kde-sc-4.4) is scheduled for February release, I
> don't know the specific day.  Hopefully the workarounds therein will fix
> your issues.
> That said, AFAIK, the issues fixed are stuff like printing running off
> the page (page size miscalculation), etc, not issues of no printing at
> all.  So it may be that you have other issues.  Whether you want to try
> to fix them now, knowing you may well still have printing issues even
> when you get it working, or whether you prefer to wait for 4.4 and worry
> about it then if it's not fixed, is of course up to you.

Hello again,

yes, system-config-printer-kde ist installed on my system.

Maybe I should give more details.

Qt4 applications behave like KDE4 applications in the term of printing 
in my case. The printer recognizes the job and all it prints is a blank 
paper, sometimes with header but always without the body.

Printing from Scribus (Qt4) to ps works correctly and from Kate (KDE4) 
to pdf also does.

I have the feeling that it has something to do with pnm2ppa. My printer 
is a HP DeskJet 710C. It seems that Qt has problems with printers that 
need the pnm2ppa layer.

Thanks for your time.


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