[kde-linux] kpackage 4.3.4-1

Clifton Clark gothtech051 at cox.net
Sat Jan 2 19:42:04 UTC 2010

I've been successfully running KDE4 for several months, upgrading though 
versions 4.2.x to 4.3.4 as they've become available on Debian. Each upgrade 
has brought improvements in stability and function, with the exception of 

All versions of kpackage in KDE 4.x.x (latest 4.3.4-1 installed yesterday, JAN 
1, 2010),  list only 1 to a couple of dozen New packages. There is no change 
in the list, whether Installed, Updated, New, or All is selected once the 
initial scan is done. 

I was able to downgrade to kpackage version 3.5.9-2, after each KDE4 upgrade, 
and all the lists are properly displayed and full functionality restored.  The 
prefs, gui layout, toolbars, and menus used in kpackage 3.5.9 were those of 

After yesterday's upgrade and subsequent kpackage downgrade, the gui layout, 
menu, and toolbar prefs used are those of version 4.3.4, rather than that of 
3.5.9. All the lists are properly displayed and kpackage is fully functional. 
"Help-about kpackage" reports version 3.5.9 using kde version 3.5.9.

No dependency problems listed on installation of 4.3.x.-- apt system working 
correctly on 3.5.9 -- any suggestions to get 4.3.4 working?


Debian stable/testing/unstable 
kernel version 2.6.30-1-i686 #1 SMP
Via KT880 mb, Amd 3000+, 512mb ram, Nvidia 6200-512mb

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