[kde-linux] Fw: Latest KDE printing adventures: Kubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 (alpha)

Bruce Miller subscribe at brmiller.ca
Sat Jan 2 04:45:37 UTC 2010

Reposted. Attaching one of the test files in PDF format caused the message to exceed the permitted length for this mailing list. Therefore the original post bounced like a rubber cheque. I have deleted the PDF attachment and attached the original HTML document instead.

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> Subject: Latest KDE printing adventures: Kubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 (alpha)
> I am experiencing a return of old problems (some of them previously solved) with 
> printing from KDE applications in the alpha versions of Kubuntu Lucid Lynx 
> (10.04). At present, printing of text --- at least from Kate --- appears to be 
> working fine; printing from Konqueror is once again a problem. 
> I live in Canada. Although we have largely adopted the metric system, we use US 
> paper sizes. Our standard page size, is therefore not A4, but rather 8.5x11 
> inches. On my ancient HP LaserJet 4l, the imageable area of a US letter page is 
> 8x10 inches. Output from Konqueror does not respect these parameters: the text 
> runs off the bottom of the page. Between 3.5 and 4 lines are lost at the bottom 
> of each page.
> I tested with a longish web page from the kde.org web site believing that, of 
> any webpage, it would be designed to render well in Konqueror. The page I chose 
> is: http:///www.kde.org/whatiskde/project.php.
> The amateur analyst in me is wondering if the A4 page size is perhaps not 
> hard-coded into Konqueror (but not necessarily into Kate). Since A4 is slightly 
> longer (and narrower) than US letter, that could explain the spillover at the 
> bottom the page. It is not possible to determine the default setup because the 
> system-config-printer-kde applet is broken in SystemSettings (Launchpad Bug 
> 331192 and KDE Bug 209379), but the print dialog did specify that it was using 
> US paper sizes.
> Before I file bugs at Launchpad (the Kubuntu bug tracker) and on the KDE 
> Bugzilla, I would be interested to know if others have noted a similar problem.
> I will be posting this message on ubuntuforums.org, kubuntuforums.net and to the 
> kde-linux mailing list. The mailing list version will have two attachments: (1) 
> a PDF of the exact state of the web page that I used for the test (I also saved 
> the HTML source); (2) the text file, a dump of line numbers, that I used for 
> testing Kate.
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