[kde-linux] kppp

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Fri Jan 1 17:10:21 UTC 2010

Am Friday 01 January 2010 17:29:37 schrieb falkengeist at surfbest.net:
> Not sure if this is the correct forum or not.  I couldn't find
> anything specifically dealing with kppp.  If I'm in the wrong place,
> please give me some direction.  If I'm in the right place, please
> give me some help.

I'll try :)
- so here goes:
I've been using xandros on my eeepc701 for awhile and found it cumbersome, to 
be honest (far outdated kde, crippeled konqueror, ridiculous software 
repo...), so I replaced it with debian lenny, and all is ok :)
but that's not the question, in essence.
so, as to the modem/kppp issue, I can say from memory (long time ago, that I 
last used a serial modem...) that I had often problems with kppp.
I tried wvdial then (which comes with a handy autoconfig utility: wvdialconf),
which always worked perfectly, so I never went back to kppp.
you may want to give it a try, it should be available for all distros you 
there is even a qt frontend (qt3) for it, afaik (qtwvdial).


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