[kde-linux] KDE make file system busy

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Apr 4 09:26:37 UTC 2010

lars.koraeus posted on Sun, 04 Apr 2010 15:23:44 +0800 as excerpted:

> However for some reasons I do not understand, KDE makes apps locking the
> Documents mount points so this partition not can be unmounted. This is a
> KDE behaviour and I have not the same problem with other window
> managers.
> Each user directory has a link like
> Documents -> /local/Documents/$USER
> /local/Documents is a mount point for a local/remote partition. lsof
> shows that when running KDE the  /local/Documents/ is kept open and
> makes the file system busy. Does this also imply that there MUST be a
> directory called Documents if you are to run KDE? The other linked file
> systems are not affected. I have not had time to test this yet. Because
> it does not lock /usr/Documents/user which would be more understandable.
> Is this a bug or is it intentionally? If it is intentionally, what is
> the reason for this behaviour?

In kcontrol (generically renamed system settings in kde4 even tho it's kde 
settings, not so much system settings, then they go and change kde to kde 
software compilation, but if they were following the trend, they should 
have called it something generic like simply desktop, oops, that's generic 
enough but not inaccurate enough, maybe ... oh, I don't know... system 
services ... OK, so in the system settings for system services 4... )

Ummm... pardon my rant... As I was saying, in kcontrol... check under 
personal, about me, paths.  You can point them at whatever you want.

I suspect that at least one of these points to the the symlinks you 
mentioned, and that they have a folderview plasmoid open to one of them, 
perhaps desktop.  Thus, that directory is in use as long as plasma-desktop 
is running, since plasma-desktop is the app in which the folderview 
plasmoid runs.

FWIW, all of those paths are customized, here.  The last three (movies, 
pictures, music) point to a local root mountpoint, /mm/ (for multi-
media).  But I don't normally have anything (including folderview 
plasmoids) open to that directory, and I can mount and unmount it as 
desired.  The other four point to customized locations in my home dir.  Of 
course, I can't (and wouldn't expect it to work if I tried) unmount it 
when I have a normal user logged in.

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