[kde-linux] KDE make file system busy

lars.koraeus at gmail.com lars.koraeus at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 10:16:06 UTC 2010

Thanks Duncan.

Yes the Documents in kcontrol do have the link to /home/user/Documents.

I did change that to only the /home/user directory and all the locks are gone.

What will the implications be of this. All the Documents are still in 
~/Documents. I was asked if I did want to move the files but I did not.

I can still not understand the idea of having all those apps always having the 
~/Documents open. I can on one hand understand if KDE apps are forced to do 
this. But why all other as they do well without this if I use some other 
window manager than KDE.
Also the open directory is not the directory pointed to in kcontrol.
All users are pointed to something that will be seen as /home.
As I said I have been able to understand if it use /local/Documens/user which 
is the directory that it points to.


PS see the answer to Kevin as Well DS

On Sunday 04 April 2010 17:26:37 Duncan wrote:
> lars.koraeus posted on Sun, 04 Apr 2010 15:23:44 +0800 as excerpted:
> > However for some reasons I do not understand, KDE makes apps locking the
> > Documents mount points so this partition not can be unmounted. This is a
> > KDE behaviour and I have not the same problem with other window
> > managers.
> >
> > Each user directory has a link like
> > Documents -> /local/Documents/$USER
> >
> > /local/Documents is a mount point for a local/remote partition. lsof
> > shows that when running KDE the  /local/Documents/ is kept open and
> > makes the file system busy. Does this also imply that there MUST be a
> > directory called Documents if you are to run KDE? The other linked file
> > systems are not affected. I have not had time to test this yet. Because
> > it does not lock /usr/Documents/user which would be more understandable.
> >
> > Is this a bug or is it intentionally? If it is intentionally, what is
> > the reason for this behaviour?
> In kcontrol (generically renamed system settings in kde4 even tho it's kde
> settings, not so much system settings, then they go and change kde to kde
> software compilation, but if they were following the trend, they should
> have called it something generic like simply desktop, oops, that's generic
> enough but not inaccurate enough, maybe ... oh, I don't know... system
> services ... OK, so in the system settings for system services 4... )
> Ummm... pardon my rant... As I was saying, in kcontrol... check under
> personal, about me, paths.  You can point them at whatever you want.
> I suspect that at least one of these points to the the symlinks you
> mentioned, and that they have a folderview plasmoid open to one of them,
> perhaps desktop.  Thus, that directory is in use as long as plasma-desktop
> is running, since plasma-desktop is the app in which the folderview
> plasmoid runs.
> FWIW, all of those paths are customized, here.  The last three (movies,
> pictures, music) point to a local root mountpoint, /mm/ (for multi-
> media).  But I don't normally have anything (including folderview
> plasmoids) open to that directory, and I can mount and unmount it as
> desired.  The other four point to customized locations in my home dir.  Of
> course, I can't (and wouldn't expect it to work if I tried) unmount it
> when I have a normal user logged in.

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