[kde-linux] Korganizer no longer opens from system tray

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Fri Sep 11 13:01:38 UTC 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Friday 11 September 2009 06:14:40 Duncan wrote:
>> AG posted on Thu, 10 Sep 2009 20:25:14 +0100 as excerpted:
>>> Anne Wilson wrote:
>>>> The system tray icon is korgac only.  If you want korganizer to be
>>>> instantly available you have to minimise it to the Task Manager.
>>> I am using Gnome as my DE with my preferred KDE applications within
>>> that environment.  I never experienced any problems
>>> with KMail nor Korganizer until relatively recently, and I have not
>>> changed my user behaviour over the last six or so months with respect to
>>> these applications.  On the basis of this, I can but conclude that the
>>> apps are not "behaving" according to my user expectations.
>> I've no idea what gnome offers in this regard, but on KDE, it's possible
>> to set a window to minimize to the systray.  That appears to be what
>> you're after.
>> Meanwhile, yes, kde4 is still broken in a number of ways compared to
>> kde3, and in other ways it's not broken, simply changed behavior (by
>> design).  So while I don't use korganizer, I'm not surprised at all that
>> it's not working the way it did for you formerly.  /As/ I don't use it, I
>> don't know if it's a bug or a deliberate design change, but as I said,
>> there's a decent number of both in kde4.  I have no idea what the devs
>> are thinking saying kde4 is ready for ordinary users, when important
>> things like security certificate management is still simply broken, but
>> that's what they're saying now.  Every version is vastly improved, from
>> the previous, and to be fair, part of the problem is that kde is so big
>> and kde3 had set such a high standard, that really /nobody/ could be
>> reasonably expected to have brought a new version up to kde 3.5 standards
>> in the time so far, but that doesn't change the fact that kde3 is losing
>> support both from kde upstream and from distributions, well before kde4
>> is even close.  A reasonable expectation given the rate of change would
>> be that 4.5, probably August of next year, will finally hit the kde 3.5
>> mark, but meanwhile, there's a serious gap in quality, functionality and
>> usability from kde3.5.
>>> If I need to change my user behaviour to accommodate some changes within
>>> the apps themselves, then so be it, but I woyuld need to know what it is
>>> that I am supposed to be doing differently ... and at this point this
>>> isn't clear to me.
>> Well, at least you're being more flexible than many would be. =:^)
> Let's try and simplify this - because you (AG) are using gnome, neither Duncan 
> nor I are familiar with your situation, so we need to be clear.  You will need 
> to help us know what the gnome equivalents of some things are.
> First, as we have already discussed, korgac runs in the background, watching 
> out for events where you have set an alert.  By default it sits in your system 
> tray (gnome equivalent?).  You can't do anything with it, in fact I set it to 
> not show on the system tray.  I confess that I can't remember how I did that - 
> probably from a right-click context menu?
> Now, KOrganizer.  Let's start again.  Tell us exactly how you want it to 
> behave, and we'll see whether it can be made to do that.
> Anne
Hello Anne (& Duncan)

My sole point of reference for this is from the days of KDE3.5 - 
although a recent upgrade to KDE4 did behave in a similar fashion - 
where, regardless of the DE/WM I used (Xfce4, GNOME, LXDE) the 
application (I have always clicked on or used a script to invoke) 
Korganizer would quietly sit in the system tray (on the panel near the 
clock - I'm happy to use a screen shot if this list allows attachments?) 
and if I wanted to add a new appointment, I would single left click on 
the icon (used to be a picture of an old hand bell and a chart/calendar) 
and this would open up the organiser.  I'd set an appointment and then 
close (not minimise!) the application and it would return to sitting 
quietly until either I deliberately clicked on it again, or an alert 
triggered it and it would pop up with a reminder.

I'm not sure what else I can say really.  As I've already said, I didn't 
realise there was something called korgac and if that was a daemon that 
powered/ supported Korganizer then I was happily oblivious to it.  It 
was not something I have ever deliberately invoked before.

If a screen shot would help ensure we are talking about the same thing 
(albeit perhaps with different terms), then that will be easy to 
arrange.  In the meantime, I'll scout around and see if I can find an 
alternative and look to transfer my reminders, etc. over to the new 
app.  It could well be that I borked something when I attempted to 
obtain Amarok 2.2 from Debian Experimental and a load of KDE libraries 
were (incompletely) pulled in as well.  Hence, I may just have to remove 
KDE and reinstall the KDE-Base and that may clear up the problem. 

Thanks for your kkind offer of help.  Much appreciated both of you.


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