[kde-linux] Locking widgets doesn't work correctly

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 1 11:57:45 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 01 September 2009 10:47:00 Abos Undso wrote:
> Thanks for your advices.
> I tried both, using killall and kquitapp, but the effect is always the
> same: after restarting the plasma-desktop, the icons in the panel are
> mingled again and the space bars have changed size :-(
> I even removed the write-permissions to the plasma-desktop-appletsrc
> file, which seems to be responsible for the panel configuration, before
> restarting the desktop, but it got modified anyway.
> FYI: I use the Mandriva 2009 Spring distribution and, contrary to what I
> wrote by mistake earlier, I have kde 4.3 installed.
> When I start the desktop through the konsole, I get the log messages. If
> it could help anything to analyse them, I can post them here. Let me know.
> Thanks again,
> Connie

This is very strange.  Mandriva 2009 Spring doesn't normally suffer from this.  
The only thing I can suggest is that you kquitapp, then rename plasma-desktop-
appletsrc to plasma-desktop-appletsrc.sav (and probably do the same for all 
the plasma-related files in ~/.kde/share/config, then restart plasma.

You would be back to a blank canvas, as it were, but the newly created ones 
may well be fine then.

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