[kde-linux] 11.1 & KDE3 Konqueror Startup URL?

Bruce MacArthur bmacasuru at fastmail.us
Tue Nov 17 02:38:02 UTC 2009

On Monday 16 November 2009 07:37:56 pm Frank K wrote:
> Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > On Sunday, 2009-11-15, Frank K wrote:
> >   
> >> Hello List,
> >>
> >>  This should be a simple one, but I can't find the handle!
> >>
> >>  I'm a subscriber, but I'm using an email account that isn't my 
own. My own
> >>  account is available via webmail if that's necessary.
> >>
> >>  Konqueror starts up in openSuse rather than my home. I haven't 
found that
> >>  config option in .kde or in the Konq Settings.
> >>     
> >
> > Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> General
> >
> > Top section of the page on the right hand side, a drop down menu 
with choices 
> > like Konqueror's internal start page, empty page, etc.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Kevin
> >   
> > 
> >
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> Thank you Kevin & Bruce,
> Bruce, sorry about the HTML Post. No promises on the format, but this
> time KDE is specified as text only in the address book.
> I was expecting to post this reply under my registered address, but
> messages were deleted from my ISP's server.
> Kevin, I'm sure your instructions are right on, but I have to start 
> one step further back. I can't find the "General" menu!
> In my Konqueror Web profile, Settings start with Behavior. My home URL
> is my blank page. If I press the house on the Konq toolbar I get the
> home URL. My problem is to set the startup URL to be the home URL.
> With my openSuse 11.1 I'm up to kernel My desktop is 
> 3.5.10.
> I can live without fixing this behavior, but it wrankles me each time 
> happens.
> Frank K
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Hello, Frank --

Thank you for making that change -- your message arrived in "plain text" 
--- so everything is working properly in this respect.

Kevin assumed or implied that you begin by opening Konqeror, and by 
giving it the "focus".  From that point, the directions are correct 
exactly as he specified it -- but you seem to need one small refinement.

When you go to "Configure Konqeror" and actually click on it, you will 
see a display that has two "frames".  The left-hand frame consists of an 
expandable list of configuration options.  As a solid general rule, the 
very first category is "General".  You do not need to "expand" that 
category to make the necessary change, but you might feel better about 
doing so.  With or without the "category expansion", the top line should 
still read "General", AND should have "the focus"

If it isn't there, scroll up until it IS there.

If it does not have"the focus" (usually indicated by a blue-colored 
highlighter-bar), then single-left-click on it.

At this point, you should see the address-bar selection tool that Kevin 
mentioned; as Kevin stated, it is near the top of the right-hand 

You may select any existing option -- or you may specify any address 
(whether local to your own machine, on any of the intra-nets you may be 
connected-to, or on any Internet location of your preference).  I hope 
that these details prove to be adequate for your purposes!

Bruce   Mac Arthur
     bmacasuru at fastmail.us

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